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Exclusions, or What is NOT Necessary to be Married in California

These marriage requirements, or rather, exclusions make it easy for travellers from out-of-state or from other countries to be married legally and easily while visiting California:
  1. A confidential marriage license is a convenience because it can be issued at the site of your wedding location.
  2. A regular marriage license must be issued at the county clerk's office.

The convenience of having the license brought to you is often the choice of many bridal couples since there are only 6 county clerk's offices in the entire Los Angeles County. Most of these offices close by 3 p.m. Taking several hours off of work and standing in line for an unknown amount of time makes a regular license even more unappealing and a big inconvenience.  Obtaining a Los Angeles marriage license, because of the huge amount of traffic in L.A., can be quite a hassle.

Getting Married in Los Angeles County, California