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Los Angeles Marriage Licence

   Disadvantages of a Public Marriage License

There are 3 problems with a regular marriage license:

 1. No privacy:
Anyone, not just the bride and groom, can have easy access to your California marriage certificate.  This marriage certificate has your personal information on it.  This information includes: your full name including birth name, your address, your date and place of birth, your parents place of birth, your wedding location and your previous marriages. Identity thieves, Con Artists, Junk Mail Companies, and Telemarketers can, and do, access the marriage certificate. Once this information is submitted, there is no way to remove it from view.

2. Inconvenience
Both spouses must appear together during business hours at the county clerk's office to obtain a marriage license to be married.  This kind of wedding license cannot be delivered to you. Their are only a few locations in all of Los Angeles County to get this license with limited weekday hours. Since the County Recorder deals with many other issues, the parking is usually difficult, and the couple will usually have to wait a long line to submit their information. Then they will have to return to pick up their license and wait in another long line. This process can take, at the shortest, 4 hours. At the longest, if it is not timed correctly, the couple would have to return the next day.

3. Higher Cost
The Public Marriage License costs more than a Los Angeles Confidential Marriage License, thereby encouraging a Confidential Marriage License (click below).

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